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Ablaze Records NEW CHORAL Series

ABLAZE Records is proud to call for SCORES for its NEW CHORAL series disc. For this series ABLAZE will record your work with the tremendous Ablaze Records ensemble CORO VOLANTE conducted by new music specialist conductor Brett Scott.

Send a score of your work to us for your chance to win a place on our New Choral, Vol. 6 CD. If our expert panel of composers and conductors chooses your work, you will win a spot on our SIXTH NEW CHORAL CD. This will entitle you to a partially subsidized commercial release of your work worldwide.

1. The works can be for any number of UNACCOMPANIED voices up to a maximum of SATB CHOIR (up to 16 voices divisi). We are especially interested in a mixture of larger works being contrasted with duos, trios, quartets etc for any voice types or mixtures of voice types.

2. Works using accompaniment are not eligible. Works using keyboard (piano or organ) acoustic or amplified instruments or electronics are not eligible.

3. The composer must provide proof of CLEARANCE OF RIGHTS to set the selected text used for the work. Composers that can not prove that rights have been obtained to set the text they have used WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

4. The works can be of any duration.

5. The score must be a computer engraved (Finale, Sibelius, etc) score.

6. Languages other than English, French, German, Italian and Latin MUST be accompanied by an IPA pronunciation guide of the language

7. The composer will supply notes about the composer and work.

8. The composer will supply a high quality photograph of his/herself for use in the CD booklet and ABLAZE website.

Who is Eligible:
Any composer without restriction as to style of music, age or nationality of the composer may submit a score for consideration.

OCTOBER 30, 2020

About ABLAZE Records

ABLAZE Records is a new Australian/USA company that issues recordings worldwide on iTunes and through Amazon.com. The focus of the company is on new music composition and classical music performance. ABLAZE discs are digitally distributed worldwide by Naxos of America and iTunes and available in hard copy through Albany Music Distributors and Amazon.com.

About the Prize
This competition is for original compositions only and not arrangements of other material.

ABLAZE will extend to all winners a subsidized rate for the recording. This means that usual costs for final recorded music will be subsidized by ABLAZE so that we can offer to the winners a place on this disc at very competitive rates. This is ABLAZE’s commitment to new music and we are very excited to hear/see your submissions.

This competition aims to discover choral works of composers that have not yet been recorded and mastered to a full and commercially released CD. Many musicians have works they would be happy to release but may not have enough material or the means to issue a full CD of their choral work. It is with the thought of assisting such composers that ABLAZE has issued its call for scores. Once we compile a range of scores ABLAZE records will:

  • Oversee the preparation and production of the recording sessions
  • Produce an edited final version of the work
  • Have the work/disc professionally mastered
  • Have the disc meticulously replicated (rather than duplicated)
  • Custom design the artwork and digital booklet
  • Compile liner notes for the accompanying booklet
  • Complete all contracts with composers (who retain full ownership of their work)
  • Manufacture the disc run
  • Distribute hard copies to Albany Music Distributors and Amazon.com
  • Distribute digital masters to Naxos of America, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other digital outlets
  • Promote, advertise and seek reviews of the release

The subsidized costs to all participants are to cover the expenses of the above services such that we can ensure the highest quality product to those who have entrusted their music to us. 


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We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.